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ProStart prepares students for food industry

Today smoothies and chicken legs. But tomorrow, Le Cordon Bleu.

At least that's the intent of the ProStart Program, new to the Billig Generisk Cialis Mankato Area School District this year.

ProStart is a two year high school restaurant and hospitality curriculum available to juniors and seniors at East and West high schools. The program, developed by the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation, allows students in depth access to the restaurant industry in an effort to prepare them for a burgeoning job market.

In two years, the program takes students through all the finer points of the "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" food service industry and includes Cialis 10 Mg Goedkoop a 400 hour internship component. After two years, students can also earn college Buy Cialis Switzerland credits that transfer to more than 50 colleges in the nation.

"It's really beneficial for students to earn those college credits," said Carol Anderson, who teaches the program at Mankato East. "It's so important to work with the community and make learning a lifelong skill."

Students at Mankato East fried chicken legs and West students made real fruit smoothies late last week. They've already made foods such as cookies and have been through units on food preparation and kitchen sanitation. But by the time these students have completed the second year of the program, they will have been introduced to every aspect of restaurant management, from inventory and menu planning to accounting and customer service.

"This program will help kids looking for a part time "Anabolika Definition" job to get through college as well as those who want to go on to Steroids Injection Gone Wrong food service careers," said Amanda Whiteis, ProStart teacher at West.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be an additional 1.8 million jobs in the food service and restaurant industries by 2014. Already the largest private sector industry in the nation, restaurant and food service jobs are more than burger flipping and dishwashing.

But to provide industry specific education, teachers Oral Steroids Side Effects Prednisone need industry specific materials. Both West and East received $10,000 grants from Educare to upgrade kitchen equipment and install new equipment. Both East and West are recycling industrial convection ovens from their school's cafeteria, but both will need new countertop space for demonstrations and industrial ranges. Both schools also will need ventilation Methandienone Msds systems in the lab.

But when the construction is complete by January in both schools if all goes well students will enjoy a lab setting that closely mirrors what they'd see in a professional kitchen.

"This is an example of an industry driven revitalization of career education," said Barb Embacher, Mankato career and technology education coordinator. "We want to give students the higher skills needed to move up the ladder. ProStart will give them that edge."

To help facilitate the internship placements of students and to further develop a locally specific curriculum, district officials will meet with area industry leaders Oct. 23. During the meeting, Embacher said, the group will discuss how to further enhance the link between school and community.

"We want to help kids with internships and give them the advantage of having those higher skills," Embacher said. "We love to have these kinds of business partnerships."